Norse Highways - the road to success

"In 2019 Norse Group formed a partnership with Norfolk County Council - Norse Highways - to deliver highways maintenance services. Since then, the company has delivered significant cost savings, improved services and developed external revenue streams, sharing profits with the council.

"With this success, we believe that the Norse partnership model provides the opportunity for other local authorities to benefit from our unique blend of ethical commercialism and public service ethos to achieve the same benefits. We already have almost thirty local authority partnerships delivering a wide range of services, but I believe that Highways will derive particular benefits - because of the flexibility of the model, and the direct control held by our partner councils, the ability to re-deploy resources quickly enables us to meet changing needs, without the need for contract re-negotiation."

Justin Galliford, Norse Group CEO

Norse Highways manages almost 10,000km of Norfolk?s roads in its partnership with Norfolk County Council. Our experienced team helps to maintain, improve and manage the use of the county?s public highways. A comprehensive range of services includes pothole repairs, routine maintenance, carriageway surfacing and repair, private works, emergency response and winter gritting.

Supporting these services, we have two important in-house operations, both of which enhance performance and efficiency, and provide sizeable external revenue streams: Fast Lane Training Services (FLTS), which provides bespoke training and assessment and Norfolk Partnership Laboratory, an innovative one stop shop for testing and consultancy services.

Delivering highways services through a joint venture partnership offers a wide range of benefits: as well as bringing cost efficiency, the local economy, the environment, the wider community and employees would share in the company?s success. The model also gives partner councils a higher degree of control and flexibility, and the ability to trade increases profit share, helping local authorities meet their financial challenges.

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