Who can enter the Highways Awards?
Anyone within the highways industry is encouraged to enter, please refer to the specific category of your interest for more details and criteria. 

How can I book a table?
You can quickly and easily book a table via our website today. Book now to avoid disappointment.

Do you offer accommodation on the evening of the event?
We do not book accommodation directly but work with an event partners to offer exclusive rates from surrounding hotels. Further discounts are available for bulk bookings and you can visit the website here

Can I enter multiple categories?
Yes. There is no limit to the number of categories that you can enter and nominations are free of charge. As long as you are eligible based on the description of the category then there are no restrictions as to how many categories you can enter. However, please be aware that you are requested to attend the awards ceremony if you are shortlisted.

Can I edit my entry once it has been submitted?
No. Once your entry has been submitted, you will be unable to edit what has been written. You can contact us if you would like to make any changes post submission but we recommend that you only press submit when you are 100% happy with what is on screen.

Can I add video content to my entry?
Yes. A dedicated section is available to entrants for if they would like to add multimedia content.

How many people typically attend each year?
More than 600 industry experts regularly attend the award ceremony.

How are entries judged?
The awards are judged by a panel of independent judges from across the industry. Each entry is read through and assessed against the criteria for entry. It is then scored. The scores of all the judges are totaled and at this point the winner and finalists become clear.

Can I nominate a project that my company has worked on for any of the awards categories?
Yes, and you are encouraged to do so.

Who judges the awards?
See the Judges section here for the full list of experts forming the panel.

What are the judges looking for in an award-winning nomination?
Information on what the judges are looking for is shown in the General Criteria section for each category.
What’s the closing date for nominations?
The closing date for nominations is 17:30 (GMT) Friday 7th July 2023.

I am unsure of how to begin my submission and where to place my focus?
With a limited amount of words to play with we recommend that those looking to submit an entry focus on these key areas:

•    Relevance to the category
•    Proof of what you are saying/testimonials
•    Clarity

The key consideration is also the simplest. Ensure that you your submission is easy to read, backed up with evidence and showcases excellence in category.

How recent do the projects need to be for consideration?
All projects for the submissions should be within the last 12 months’ period. Please refer to a category of interest for more information. 
How long should the submission be?
Each category has its own criteria and set of questions, but across the board the judges will be looking for clear evidence in the form of data and/or supporting testimonials. Each question will have a maximum word count of 500, with some questions allowing for supplementary evidence files to be uploaded to support your answer.

You will be asked to complete a separate summary (max 350 words) which will not only be used for judging purposes but also, should you become a finalist, be shared on our website and used for marketing purposes so that information about your project or submission is available to a wider audience.

Is there a cost to enter? 
It is a FREE entry for the awards’ categories. Should your entry be shortlisted, as per the terms and conditions, you must have representatives attend the awards ceremony. You can view our table options here

Can I preview what information is required for the submission?
Yes. To prepare the information that is required in each step, an overview of the process can be viewed here.

When will the winners be announced?
The winners will be announced on the 11th October at the Highways Awards 2023.