Ian Hawthorn

Assistant Director - Environment, Special Projects and Highways, London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham

Ian has worked in the Highways industry for over 30 years in both Highways and Street Works. He is currently managing four teams that cover all highway assets maintenance and protection. That is structures, green infrastructure, roads and footways, street lighting, drainage, works permits and street works compliance to name a few. Ian is the Borough lead on Highways, Network Management (Traffic Manager), Flood Risk Management, Adaptation and Hammersmith Bridge.

Ian has lead a number of changes to deliver improved services and adaptation across the Borough including large numbers of sustainable drainage, greening the grey and climate change mitigation measures. He is chair of h&f Climate Adaptation Steering Group that works across all Council departments to deliver change to public space. Ian is also Co-Chair of the London Technical Advisors Group and also sits on the UK Road Board as well as the London Surface Water Management Officers Group. He is a member of the Councils Contract Assurance Borough that monitors and promotes effective procurement across the Council.